Kizlipp is comprised of all natural herbs which is specially formulated to improve lifestyle quality. It is a health supplement added to your daily diet for improvement in body circulatory system and general health. The natural ingredients include red grape powder, soy protein, maca powder, stevia extract and butea superba. The natural ingredients in Kizlipp have energy, fertility and hormon balancing properties that may have a cumulative effect on the circulatory system. The advancement of technology has made natural ingredients preparation as effective as drugs without the possible negative side effect. In addition, Kizlipp is different compared to other products and is suitable for anyone with diabetes and hypoglycemia as special ingredient stevia extract is used.

5 main benefits:
  • Balancing the male testosterone hormone as men aged
  • Strengthens the  male reproductive organ by enhancing blood flow
  • Elevates the mood and improves mental ability and physical endurance
  • Improves erectile dysfunction, impotence and weak erection
  • Stimulates fertility with increased sperm activity

With our unique formulas and highly concentrated key bio-active compounds extracted using patented proprietary extraction method, you can notice the improvements in a very short duration. However, results may vary depending on individual’s health conditions.  For long term maximum results when used regularly, the user will experience cumulative benefits of the herbal nutrients.
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